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zioxi iPad Charging Station - Key


The zioxi iPad Charging Stations provide the ability to charge & store 16, 20, 32 or 40 iPads and USB tablets – with cables presented and retained at the front of each shelf and all in a very compact and unobtrusive unit.

  • Charging using the manufacturer supplied AC adapters, all stored in a separate secured electrical compartment

  • Cable management with only a short length of retained USB cable at the front – so cables are all neat & tidy, very simple to connect and can’t go missing

  • Choice of digital code lock (with master key override), RFID access card/fob or key locks

  • Design & construction supports wireless device sync

  • Doors fold back 270 degrees and held open or closed by magnetic latches

  • Large shelf size to accommodate any standard case design, including the Griffin Survivor & Otterbox Defender

  • Also available in compact cabinet, trolley and locker variants, as integrated modules within the zioxi TeacherWall product range and in iPad charge & sync variants

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