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Blaze PowerZone Connect 1002 EU

Varenummer: BLALBX-888-001

The PowerZone Connect 1002 is a solid, reliable, full rack, DSP amplifier with network connection for easy configuration and control. Its network can be wired or wireless and allows access to the PowerZone Control web app’s system setup and audio configuration menu. From here you can manage sound zones, inputs/outputs, update firmware, import speaker pre-sets and access many professional EQ settings – configuration takes only a few minutes and can even be set up from your phone’s browser.


Total System Power 1000W
Channels 2 x lo-Z / 1 x Hi-Z
Output Power @ 2Ω 2 x 500 W (SE)*
Output Power @ 4Ω 2 x 500W(SE) or 1 x 1000 W (BTL)**
Output Power @ 8Ω 2 x 250W(SE) or 1 x 1000 W (BTL)
Output Power @ 70V 1 x 1000 W (BTL)
Output Power @ 100V 1 x 1000 W (BTL)