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Sonance PS-P83WT WHITE

Varenummer: SON40137
Sonance Professional Series PS-P83WT is a 70V/100V/8 Ohm selectable Pendant Speaker that utilizes a minimalistic design similar to pendant lighting to blend discreetly into the environment. It takes advantage of the same one-piece grille design as the In-Ceiling Speakers to deliver consistent sight lines when installed in the same space.
The integrated top cover hides the hanging hardware and wiring connector.
An ultra-high-excursion 8” polypropylene woofer delivers effortless and impactful low bass extension and augmentation, at any sound pressure level, making it the perfect partner for the PS-P43T and PS-P63T Pendant Speakers.
A full-fidelity transformer delivers uncompromised sonic performance in either high (70V, 100V) or low (8 Ohm) impedance.
Additionally, the Sonance PS-P83WT is certified for UL 1480 and UL 2239.